The defense of public health will once again fill the streets of Madrid this Sunday

dismantling and privatization of healthcare in Madrid.

“Madrid will once again fill the streets with dignity to defend public health, which is currently in critical condition, the result of a conscious plan to its gradual dismantling for private health care”, they point out from the meeting platform. For its part, the Association for the Defense of Public Health of Madrid has followed the example of other platforms and joined the demonstration for the “extremely serious” situation of the healthcare system, which is suffering from budget cuts, dismantling and privatization” during the past years.

“Quality Assurance”

The organizers require the provision of a Decent, quality public health care, allocating all the resources necessary to achieve this goal. In short, a model that opposes the reduction of resources and the privatization that the sector is suffering under the autonomous government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The Madrid opposition also supports this call. The PSOE of Madrid ensures that the arrival of this new team to the Ministry of Health “has not brought any improvement, but dismantling continues“which explains”Domino Effect“where the decline in the functioning of a health center causes the nearest health center to collapse and the abandonment of one professional saturates the agenda of another.

On April 20 A resident of Colmenar Viejo lost his life after waiting 20 minutes for the arrival of an ambulance in a municipality without medical emergencies. The towns of the Community of Madrid and their respective facilities have had a nurse and security guard for only four years and this death has not been able to reverse the situation due to the inaction of the regional executive. At the same time, it should be noted that it is waiting to obtain appointment with the doctor It's been two weeks now. in many of the health centers, and that Madrid already has more than a million patients on the waiting list for treatment.

The cultural world joins the demands

On the other hand, prominent members of the cultural world have wanted to express their support for this demonstration. Actors like it Marisa Paredes, Carolina Yuste, Carlos Olalla, Pepe Viyuela or Valentín Paredes, the poet Luis García Montero, the writer Rosa Montero, the film director Benito Zambrano or the singer RozalénIn addition to several journalists, there were also some figures who encouraged the demonstrators and organizers. The celebrities They ask the Ayuso government to protect public healththat they are the 'jewel of the crown of human rights”despite the fact that the practice of the 'popular' government in the Community of Madrid was not exactly that.

The greatest disrespect for the future is a child without a pediatrician. The greatest disrespect for the past is an old man or woman without decent medical care,” denounces the winner of the National Literature Prize and director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero, in a video shared by the organizing platform itself.

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