The mayor of Burriana reverses censorship and allows the municipal library to purchase 'Barbie'

a new cultural controversy hand in hand with the municipal council of the Popular Party and Vox. The Ministry of Culture, led by a councilor from the far-right party, decided vetoing purchase of 'Barbie' and '20,000 species of bees', films with clear feminist and trans messages, from the local library. The mayor stopped this decision on Wednesday.

This was made known in a statement the mayor of Burriana, Jorge Monferrer: Burriana has a government for everyone and the films 'Barbie' and '20,000 species of bees' are available in the municipal library. Freedom in acquiring new material Under no circumstances can this be done through the restriction of gender and LGTBIQ+ content”.

“We are all Burriana and this government will continue to work for all citizens without discrimination and any form of exclusion because No one will be discriminated against because of the way they think or feel.”, he repeated. In these conditions, the chief councilor, from the PP, has guaranteed that the municipal library will continue to offer services “diverse and multiple content.”

Likewise, Monferrer has announced that he will convene a meeting with the rest of the municipal governance team – that is, with Vox – “so that These types of situations do not repeat themselves'while they understand that they are 'intolerable and represent neither the municipal government nor the citizens of Burriana'. “This government, no matter how much some insist on damaging Burriana's image to gain political gain, will continue to work from common sense, plurality and freedom,” he stressed, reiterating that the Ministry of Tourism will suspend the broadcasting of these broadcasts had already planned. two films, with different film titles, for the summer film days.

Vox reiterates that its decision was not a sign of censorship

At the same time in the appearance that he also offered this Wednesday the Councilor for Culture of Burriana, Jesús Albiolmotivated this in his decision about these two films “There is no censorship,” since “not buying everything is not censorship.”

Nothing is forbidden at Vox, it is only selected. It is our duty and responsibility. That is why the citizens voted for us, not so that we continue with the criteria we had before,” he defended at a press conference. In the same direction, Albiol, in response to the opposition's criticism, has assured that the PSPV and the Compromise “are nervous and cause controversy about anything.”

Regarding the refusal to buy 'Barbie' and '20,000 species of bees', the Vox councilor states that with regard to the first, “it has still been successful”, but on the other hand, with the second, “people don't have “I went to see it even though I was subsidized.” In the same way, he has defended the streaming platforms, leaving in second place the municipal library service by offering these tapes: “No one watches films on DVD anymore, and even less in the library. If anyone wants to see the movie, they can watch it on Netflixon any platform or even buy it,” he justified.

Finally, and regarding the threat to “immediately” dismiss the official who leaked this decision to Compromís, Albiol has said that he hopes that “the full weight of the law will fall before a possible crime of revealing secrets' after revealing information 'from a file that is not public'. Regarding this clash, the mayor of Burriana has indicated for his part that if Vox intends to conduct the investigation in this regard, we will have to see “what results it produces” and that this will be done “in compliance with the suspicion of innocence, employee rights and current regulations.”

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