Android 14 is now available for Pixel phones

A promotional image for Android 14.

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Google has released Android 14, the latest version of the Android operating system. It’s available today on Pixel phones (4A 5G and up), with phones from manufacturers including Samsung, Nothing, OnePlus, and more supporting it “later this year.” The update brings with it some new security features like deeper passkey support, privacy protections to deal with shady data brokers, and a plethora of UI, customization, and health updates.

The big feature for the new version of the OS — or at least the most immediately cool one — is that Android 14 gives you new lock screen customizations. You can swap between different clock styles and formats, making the phone’s style a bit more personal. Google is also adding an AI-powered wallpaper generator. Unfortunately, that feature will only be available on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro at launch. Check out how it works in the video here:

Then, there’s expanded passkey support, which will let you use your fingerprint to sign in to third-party apps. Apps can use Android’s new Credential Manager to pull together all of a user’s sign-in methods, like passwords and “Sign-in with Google,” as a way to simplify the login experience and present just the most secure option.

Other new features include better camera extension support, 10-bit HDR image support, and Android’s new Health Connect feature — which stores health and fitness data on-device, similar to Apple Health.


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