Google is launching a generative AI-enhanced version of Assistant

Assistant with Bard

During the Made by Google event, where it debuted new Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 hardware, Google also announced it’s launching Assistant with Bard, which leverages generative AI to provide personalized assistance to users. The company says the new AI-enhanced assistant can do things like help plan your next trip, find details in your email inbox, and even create a grocery list.

Just like Bard on the web, Assistant with Bard will integrate with some of the company’s existing apps, such as Gmail and Docs, to help you find and summarize information. Additionally, you can interact with the tool through text, voice, or images, and it will still retain some of Assistant’s key features that allow you to do things like send a text message.

Assistant with Bard can help you with captions for your photos.

Assistant with Bard can help you with captions for your photos.

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As an example of what the tool can do, Google says you can “float the Bard overlay on top” of a photo you want to post on social media and ask Assistant with Bard to create a caption. This demo, which you can see above, even shows how Bard can come up with relevant hashtags to match the image.

Google notes that you “choose your individual privacy settings” as well. Assistant with Bard isn’t available right away. Google is rolling it out to early testers “soon” before it arrives on Android and iOS “in the coming months.”


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