“Dial For Ceasefire”: At UN, Israel Envoy Shares Hamas Chief’s Phone Number

As Israel faces calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza from countries around the world, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations today held up a card with Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar’s phone number, telling member nations to call him if they wanted a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

Ambassador Gilad Erdan was opposing the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution was supported by 153 nations including India and was opposed by 10 countries including the United States.

The Israeli envoy claimed that only lasting ceasefire in Gaza would happen if the Palestinian group surrenders. “If you want a real ceasefire, call the Hamas offices in Gaza and ask for Yahya Sinwar. Tell him that when Hamas lays down its weapons, turns itself in and returns all the hostages, then there will be a real ceasefire that will last forever,” the envoy said while holding up the placard.

The card read “For a ceasefire dial: +970-599373765 Ask For Yahya Sinwar”.  The Leader of Hamas, who has been called the architect of the October 7 attacks by Israeli officials, Yahya Sinwar is their top target for assassination.

“During today’s meeting at the UN, I told the ambassadors in the General Assembly that everyone in the room knows what Moscow, Beijing, or Istanbul would do if they were in Israel’s shoes. Hamas committed terrible crimes and those who support a ceasefire allow Hamas to continue to survive and commit more atrocities,” he said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.


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