Monty Don leaves fans ‘devastated’ as he’s forced to burn ‘beautiful’ part of Longmeadow

Monty Don has upset some Gardeners’ World fans today after sharing his plans to burn part of his “beautiful” Longmeadow garden. The BBC star updated his 1.2 million Instagram followers on the blight issue that has had a major impact on his well-preserved box plants.

The horticulturist shared a photograph of a long garden path decorated with cone-shaped boxwood features and leafy green trees. In the caption, he lamented: “These are the next go.

“This was taken a few years ago when the box was unblemished. Now they are ravaged with blight.

“We shall burn most ( to kill the blight spores) but transplant some into trees we planted on a hillside a few years ago and let them grow out,” he added. “As long as they remain uncut they should recover.

It comes after Monty shared a picture of his ripped-out box hedges yesterday, explaining to fans that the painful sacrifice was needed for a new start. He wrote: “Dramatic, shocking, sad but rich with potential.”

Taking to the comments section of his most recent most, fans shared their sadness over the brutal changes Monty has been forced to make at Longmeadow this winter.

Ozsváth wrote: “Monty, I feel so much pain, so many years of work wasted. Good luck to you, I trust that the situation will improve.

“A lot of bad things happen to plants, and after a few years you get out of the TV show, some parts of the garden start to get tired. Until then, keep your head up.”

“That’s actually very sad can you not treat them?” Colin asked, to which Dianne replied: “You can, but you essentially have to blast them with fungicide several times a year.

“Expensive and time-consuming, and I believe it’s a never-ending job once the blight appears. Best to rip them out and put in something else, unfortunately.”

“I am devastated. Always admired your boxwood,” Carmella penned, as another user told him: “Oh such a shame they are beautiful.” (sic)

“Wow. So wild how fast things can be destroyed that took years to build,” Kate added with a tearful emoji.

Other users noted that Monty was doing the right thing, with Amber arguing: “I think it’s a wise decision. Box, unfortunately, has had its day and there are many more sustainable plants we can choose now.”

Patti agreed: “A hard thing, but I’m certain you have a good plan and I look forward to watching the results unfold! Gardens are always in process.”

Maisy penned: “A sad time, but a garden held in unchanged stasis would be a dull affair. Best feet forward with renewed vigour!”

“This photo is at their point of perfection,” Michele commented. “It will be sad to have them go. Looking forward to your next creations.”

“The joy and heartbreak of gardening,” wrote Betsy, as Nicky replied: “So sad although an opportunity to do something different and change the look.” (sic)


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