London-bound Flight Diverts As Passenger Tries To Kill Himself

The flight was forced into an early landing at Heathrow Airport.

An EVA Air flight (BR67) from Bangkok to London was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow Airport on Friday after a passenger attempted suicide inside the airplane bathroom, according to The Metro.

Cabin crew discovered the passenger during the plane’s descent when they noticed someone was still in the restroom. Upon checking on the passenger, they found them in a condition that suggested a possible suicide attempt, as per news report.

The identity of the passenger and the reason behind the attempt remain unknown. Crew members and a doctor onboard provided first aid to the passenger.

The plane landed at around 7:30 pm local time, where medical personnel awaited to transport the passenger to a hospital. There are currently no updates on the passenger’s condition.

EVA Air confirmed the incident but has not provided any further details or responded to requests for comment.

Earlier this year, another incident caused a flight to divert. In January, a Ryanair flight from the UK to Spain was forced to land unexpectedly in Portugal due to a fight among passengers.

According to news report, a group of possibly intoxicated men were harassing female passengers on the flight. The situation escalated when a flight attendant tried to intervene, but was allegedly knocked unconscious by the unruly passengers. This prompted the captain to issue a warning and ultimately divert the plane.

The passenger added that the group didn’t pay any heed to the captain’s warning, and the brawl continued for 20 minutes. Just after it all, in the next 20 minutes, the flight landed in Portugal.


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