Video: Taiwan Nurses Rush to Save Newborns During Earthquake

At least nine people were killed and more than 1,000 injured during Taiwan earthquake

CCTV footage from a Taiwan hospital has surfaced online, showing nurses in the neonatal unit heroically rushing to protect babies in their incubators during a recent earthquake. The video captures the nurses’ quick action as they hold onto newborn cots, ensuring the babies’ safety amidst the tremors.

The video shows a dramatic scene in the maternity unit. As the building begins to tremble, four staff members spring into action. Their priority is clear: protecting the fragile newborns. They scramble to steady the bassinets, their eyes darting towards a nearby window, a potential source of flying debris that could endanger the babies, as per the BBC

See the video here:

Social media was awash with videos and images from around the island shared by people who experienced the quake.

In one clip, a man struggles to get out of a rooftop swimming pool as the water swirls violently. In another, a webcam catches three cats running amok as an apartment shakes from side to side. 

At least nine people were killed and more than 1,000 injured Wednesday by a powerful earthquake in Taiwan that damaged dozens of buildings and prompted tsunami warnings that extended to Japan and the Philippines before being lifted.

Dozens of people were believed safe but unreachable in areas cut off by massive landslides triggered by the quake — many in tunnels that cut through the mountains that bisect the island from north to south. 


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