“We are and will be with Ukraine; and we believe that Palestine has existed, exists and will exist”

Pedro Sánchez has doubled his government's support for Ukraine with the signing of a 1,000 million euro bilateral deal to strengthen Ukraine's defense. And moreover, he responded to the latest attacks by the Israeli government following the Spanish recognition of the Palestinian State, which will be made official this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers: “In international politics, coherence is as important as principles and values ​​that we defend. We are and will be with Ukraine; and we believe that Palestine has existed, exists and will exist. There is coherence in guaranteeing international law, an order based on rules, with the position in both conflicts.”

Regarding the war in Gaza, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has defended “the existence of two states.”

Israel's Foreign Ministry on Monday ordered the Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem to stop providing consular services to Palestinians “residents under the Palestinian Authority”, i.e. in the occupied West Bank, from June 1, in retaliation for the recognition of the Palestinian State. .

In a diplomatic note to the embassy, ​​Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz formalizes this ban, which he already announced on Friday as punishment for Spain's recognition of the Palestinian State, which will become official tomorrow, and the Vice President's statements. President Yolanda Díaz, who concluded a speech with the pro-Palestinian slogan “.From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, which Israel considers anti-Semitic.

“The most important thing is to help Ukraine as quickly as possible so that Ukraine guarantees security and defense,” Sánchez said. territorial integrity is respected.”

Regarding the support for anti-aircraft defenses, Sánchez has acknowledged that “Spain is giving Patriots missiles”, explaining that Zelensky is asking the platforms to launch missiles, and has announced that “Leopard battle tanks and ammunition” will be sent .

The Ukrainian president has said regarding the peace talks: “We don't believe Putin. As for the peace summit, it provides an opportunity to come together and begin the path to peace. No one like Ukraine knows what is happening in our country, no one knows the crisis that Putin is causing. “We would like to open a humanitarian corridor, which Russia has not allowed because the country is blackmailing from hunger.”

Reviews of Sumar

Sumar again shows his anger towards the PSOE. The spokesperson of the formation and Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, criticized this Monday the lack of transparency with which the majority partner of the government, which has powers in the areas of foreign policy and defense, agreed a month ago in the Council of Ministers brought about a credit of 1,129 million euros, an unprecedented amount of national military aid to any country that, according to El País, will go to Ukraine.

Urtasun, during a press conference where he avoided saying whether or not Sumar supports this shipment, claimed that this kind of decision cannot be made in this way and that is why he urged the government to submit this agreement to the United Nations Congress. Substitutes so that the factions have all the information at their disposal and can thus determine a position. “Something as relevant as defense policy: the shipment of weapons into a conflict zone cannot be done this way, without transparency and without Congress,” he claimed.

At Sumar they do not hide their anger about a particularly sensitive issue such as defense policy. “This decision was made without specifying what the destination was, without giving details of why, what the purpose is, how and what the plan is behind it for a just and lasting peace. “These are the details you can expect,” Urtasun said at Monday's press conference.

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