Al Muneer University – New Zealand

Al Muneer islamic University

Founded by – Grand Mufti of America, Dr. Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon

About Founder

My noble father Hazrat Maulana Mufti Niaz Muhammad Khutani, used to passionately advise us, “Adab (respect) is like a tree, ilm (knowledge) is its fruit, without the tree there is no fruit and without Adab, there is no ilm”. This golden rule has been the guiding principle throughout my educational and practical life. Today, I observe that due to advancement of technology, the means of gaining knowledge have increased excessively, but on the other hand the sources of learning adab are perishing from the society. Seeking and imparting knowledge is becoming a very impersonal endeavor, due to which the spiritual connection between the teacher and student has become obscured.

About univeristy

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At Al-Muneer Islamic University, we aspire to inculcate adab while imparting the traditional Islamic knowledge

Technology we used

Using Core PHP Framework, wordpress, Woocommerce, Payment Gateway Stripe, LMS customization we build this nice user friendly online education environment.


Website Design, Web Hosting, Online Education System Integration, Subscription for courses

Mohammed Yasir


September 2020


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